Sunday, December 4, 2011

Who Is Your Soul Mate?

In the name of Almighty Allah, I praises on You..

Hello readers! Here I would like to share to you about this postage. This is not from somewhere that i get the entry and paste here but this is an entry, that I will try o complete it by myself, totally in English. Because for this semester, I have to sit on Intermediate English, BLEI 2111. My lecturer, Sir Rosdy from Sarawak. He is cute and look-a-like Chef Wan. I'm sure that both of us know who is the famous Chef Wan.

Ok, this entry is not talking about his cutest or his personality but I would like to share about A QUESTION that he had  highlighted when he ask us to introduce ourself, is about YOUR STATUS. He need us to be frank to him and the classmate to admit whether you are SINGLE and AVAILABLE or SINGLE but NOT AVAILABLE or ENGAGED or MARRIED. No one in my class is married but two of them already engaged. Of they are girls! And most of us are SINGLE and AVAILABLE.

Sir Rosdy shared to us that he already married when he is 20, at UK. He keep on asking us, why we are single now and he promote to us that the university is the best place for us to find our soul mate. I just laughing *but slowly of course*. And, when my turn is ready to introduce myself, he asking me, "Didn't you want to choose one from this side (boy side)?" I said no. Then, he ask me more, "Why? Is it because you already know their habits?" I say yes. Simple answer from me. Off course I know their habit, if they are my classmate. I totally hate the lazy man, playboy (off course), smoking, leave praying on time, a man who always need woman's help event hough for a small thing! Find a girl just to share your problem, after your problem had settled, you didn't ever chat or call or text like others friend, just shut up. This is the most i hate.       

All people will not have the same stories of love, right? One of my best friend already married when she is 20. The other one of my best friend will be marry this January 2012. Then I make my conclusion, why I still single till now, not to marry nor engaged? I have my own stand. I seriously can't to give full commitment IF now I am looking for my soul mate. I don't want to live with unpeace world. If you can come with you partner to marry, that is the best way. But if you just come with your partner, just as a couple, dating, hanging out together, romantic dinner, sorry. That thing that made me feel not ready to have a partner.

As a student, we should now our duty, our function. For me, if you still disable to manage yourself perfectly, don't dare to try to manage others. If you cannot love yourself and your family and the most important is Almighty Allah, don't dare to waste your love to others. Your couple or your partner is not something that permanent. Put your love to Allah first, then he will spread His love to you, and letting you to know your perfect one. Don't worry and believe in Him. Those people that involve in couple actually they are not believe with His best gift in our life.

Don't waste your credit, your time, your tears for nothing but do something to increase your love to Allah. By loving Allah, you will feel safe and peace, without have to be in anxious to think with whom your beloved chatting today, did he try to betray you and chasing his ex-girlfriend back. Oh no! Seriously these things are the messy things, decrease your focus in study. Don't worry dear, Allah already have SOMEONE for you. We just need to make a full preparation, by learning cooking, managing emotion, managing household, managing money, loving kids and so on. The most important thing to be learned is loving Allah, increase you trust on Him and He will give the best for you along the rest of your life. Give a full commitment in household with your partner is the best than coupling and dating. 

Smile and happy if you still single and available, because Allah looking the best partner for you! ^__^
Thanks for reading. If you can trace any grammatical error, please report to me because this is my first full-English entry.Thanks again!


  1. why does 'mariage' always being the nice topic to read =)
    p/s ; tahniah untuk menggenggam scroll
    -kota debu-

  2. marriage is the most popular topic among teenage nowadays and i wrote about that here to give respond on my lecture question and off course because i always see the reality of coupling student at KUIS. :(
    p/s: time kasih, nnt trn anda habaq ye.. ^__^